Volunteer Opportunities

Bingo:  Workers are needed for our Wednesday night Bingo  socials. 

              Here is what we are looking for:


              1.  Help to open up BINGO - Selling Bingo packages and extra Bingo game sheets

                   at the front tables from 6-7:30 pm.   

              2.  Help selling instant tickets from 6-7:30 pm.

                   Contact Karen Krabacher 887-0559 for more details.

              3.  Help working at the concession stand 6-9pm. 

                    Contact Aaron Murphy at 509-9303.

This fundraiser is a vital part of our parish budget.  Please consider giving of your time to help

keep the bingo social operating. You may also e-mail the parish office:  sjbparish@stjulie.net.



Heavenly Kitchen Volunteer Sign UP forms in the back of Church