The Church in general and St. Julie Billiart in particular, looks forward to the baptism of children of the Parish. We hope to share in some way in the excitement of parents. At the very beginning of the Rite of Baptism the priest or deacon reminds the parents that, in asking that their child be baptized, “You are accepting the responsibility of training them in the practice of the faith.”


The Parish also has the responsibility to nourish the developing faith life of the child through our own witness to the Catholic faith. Parents seeking baptism for their child will be accompanied on this journey by members of the parish. In this sense, it takes a full community, parents, godparents, and parish, to raise a child in the faith.


To help parents and godparents better understand and reflect upon this two-fold responsibility, parents are expected to be active Catholics and participate in the baptism preparation program. Godparents are strongly encouraged to attend as well. You certainly may participate in this preparation prior to the birth of your child.



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