The Church calls each member of Christ’s Body to participate in the ministry of consolation: to care for the dying, to pray for the dead, to comfort “those who mourn.” (Order of Christian Funerals, #8)


The goal of this ministry is the continuing development and implementation of a parish bereavement ministry that answers the need to serve grieving people in a special way.


At the present time the bereavement ministry consists of liturgy planning, the presence of a choir, greeters at the liturgy and St. Julie’s Heavenly Kitchen.


The Heavenly Kitchen helps coordinate and host a reception at our Fenmont Center or at the home of the family in need, following a funeral liturgy conducted by our parish for one of our members. Volunteers of this committee, The Angel Brigade, prepare food, host the reception, or drop off food to the family home. This committee is a great way to reach out to fellow parish members in their time of need. For more information about this group contact one of the Chairpersons listed below.


This ministry can always use the talents and gifts of people in the parish. In visiting the bereaved, in liturgical planning/ministry (including Choir and greeters), in hospitality and in group-support, your assistance will be appreciated.


CONTACT:        The parish office-863.1040 or

Funeral Choir: Jonathan Alexander, Music Director, 863.1040 x32

Heavenly Kitchen: Penny Dixon (513.779.9436);

Kathy Dixon (513.423.0671);

Ruth Daddabbo (513.844.8003);

Marilyn Vidourek (513.894.5851);

Elaine Ohlinger (513.856.9730)