Hi everyone,

This weekend is commitment weekend for the CMA. You should have received something in the mail within the last couple of weeks. If you haven’t, please contact the parish office.

If you want to participate in the dance lessons in February and March – five lessons to cover general etiquette, swing dancing, foxtrot, and polka – please register with St. Julie’s parish office and provide payment: $50/person, $100/couple covers all five lessons and entrance for a Saturday night ball on March 31. (If March Madness is your thing, make an agreement with your wife to get the lessons, but skip the ball) If we do not have sufficient registrations before February 8, we will have to cancel the event.

The snow storms kept many people away the last two weekends, and very understandably so. Many of you have put in multiple envelopes or gave for multiple weeks today. It is appreciated. This is a gentle reminder for those who might not have thought to do so. Please continue that support for our parish; it would be disastrous / would stretch our parish two give up two weeks’ worth of collection contributions. That consistency is a benefit of online giving, should you choose to begin to give that way. Thank you.

This Sunday is the last chance to drop of clothes at the Fenmont front door for the PREP Clothing Drive.

Have a great week.