Hamilton COVID-19 Vaccines

The City of Hamilton has COVID vaccines available for citizens 65 years and older. Anyone who wishes to receive the vaccine needs to register. The link to register is below:


The Archbishop of Cincinnati has issued a statement on the vaccines. The short version of the statement is: The vaccines developed by Moderna and Pfizer to combat COVID-19 may be taken without moral reservations. Click here to read the full statement. 

Hannah Houser’s Vocation

It is with great joy that I announce that a second member of our parish is seeking to serve God through a vocation in a religious order. Hannah Houser is seeking to serve God as a Sister of Saint Francis of Oldenburg. As you may already know, Josh Richter is a simply professed brother in the Order of Friars Minor. What a blessing to have these two young people choosing the religious life to serve God.

Hannah spoke at last Sunday’s Mass about her need to resolve her student debt in order to clear the path for her religious life with the Sisters of Saint Francis of Oldenburg. The Sister of Saint Francis of Oldenburg and Hannah are partnering with the Labouré Society to help remove this obstacle. Since 2003, this 501(c)(3) organization has helped deliver hundreds of men and women into religious formation who otherwise would have been turned away due to educational loans.

Please consider helping Hannah achieve her calling to serve God in religious life by donating to the Labouré Society. Here is a link to learn more about this organization and how to donate.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to Hannah with any questions you might have about this program  at: hannah@rescuevocations.org.


Fr. Rob

Zoom Meetings on Racism

There will be two Zoom Meetings about racism: the first one will be next Wednesday at 7:00 pm.

St. Julie Parish is hosting discussion groups in response to the death of George Floyd using “Zoom Meetings”.  We will be reflecting on the U.S. bishops’ document:  Open Wide our Hearts.

  • Read the document Open Wide our Hearts which can be found at stjulie.net under Recent News scrolling down towards the bottom of the page.
  • We encourage you to register and/or receive answers to your questions or get more info by emailing Vickie Ryan at victoriaryanbooks@gmail.com

Our first Zoom Meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 17 at 7:00 pm.

Meeting ID: 889 3925 4041

Password: ImagoDei

The Call to Address Racism in Our Hearts and Communities

In their new pastoral letter against racism, Open Wide Our Hearts: The Enduring Call to Love (full text of the document found there), the Catholic bishops of the United States invite conversion of hearts, minds, and institutions in order to address the evil of racism that still exists in our communities.

Click here to read the letter in full.

Archbishop José H. Gomez of Los Angeles and president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has issued a statement on George Floyd and the protests in American cities that have taken place over the last several days. This follows the Friday statement from seven U.S. bishop chairmen of committees within the USCCB.

Click here to read Archbishop Gomez’s full statement.

Graduation Announcements

Have You or a Family Member Graduated This Year?

Please submit a graduation picture (from

high school, college, post graduate, tech school

or other) and a bio so we can celebrate your

accomplishments in our newsletter during the

summer months.  Please submit your info to

Mary Ann Williams at mawilliams@stjulie.net

Congratulations, Graduates!

Letter from the Archbishop on the Resumption of public Masses

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Over the past eight weeks, the Bishops of Ohio have met on a regular basis to discuss recommendations
and requirements put in place by the State of Ohio and the medical profession to deal with the coronavirus
pandemic. Early in those discussions, we very reluctantly agreed that we had to suspend the public celebration of
Mass for the safety of our parishioners and for the common good of our communities. These past weeks and
months have been very difficult, but I am grateful to our priests, deacons, and lay leaders who continued to show
genuine pastoral care for our people by staying in contact with parishioners in very creative ways. Many parishes
live streamed Mass, connected with parishioners through phone calls, opened their churches for private
devotions, offered spiritual reflections in online videos, etc. I am deeply, deeply grateful to all who have taken
these initiatives. I am also grateful for all of you who have maintained spiritual closeness through these and other
means and continued to live the Catholic faith in your homes.

Read the rest of the letter here.

Helping Neighbors

Hello parishioners,


It is a little late in coming, but some of you may have asked, “What can I do to help beyond the parish community?”

Remember to maintain your regular support to our parish.  Remember to be mindful of your health and the health of your family.  You may want to know what groups in our community are helping those who have been hit hardest or were in need before the pandemic closures begin.

Click here for a list of groups in the community that you might be able to support.


Thank you for your courage and generosity.


Fr. Rob Muhlenkamp