What is the Sacrament of Marriage?

Marriage is the unique Sacrament which binds one man and one woman together in a covenant under God and His Church. It is a Sacrament of vocation, a response to a specific calling that God has placed in the hearts of a couple. It is a bond that lasts for life which is permanent, faithful, and fruitful. Marriage is not just about two people, but is the foundation of the family, the “domestic church,” the most basic and foundational structure, not only for the Church, but for all of society.

Couples contemplating marriage at St. Julie Billiart should contact Fr. Rob Muhlenkamp at muhlenkampr@stpeterinchains.org or 513-863-3938 ext.305 for an appointment before setting a date. Nine months preparation is required. You must be a registered, participating member of this Parish for three months before a date may be set.  Parish music policies, which reflect Diocesan guidelines, are to be followed.

For more information view: Wedding Guidelines