We begin Holy Week with Jesus entry into Jerusalem at the beginning of this weekend’s Mass and the reading of the Passion at the Gospel during Mass.  It is the mystery of our salvation: Jesus redeemed us by his death and opened eternal life to us by his Resurrection and Ascension into heaven.  The liturgies of this most holy time make present to us today the events of our redemption.  I invite you to see the next page for “Encountering the Mysteries of Holy Week.”  The Easter Triduum for our pastoral region will be celebrated at St. Joseph this year as indicated on the liturgical schedule on this page.

The long season of Lent and our Lenten penances draw to a close this week.  Next Sunday, God makes all things new.  I hope that you had a prayerful Lent.  I hope you and your families have a joyful Easter.  The Church is a wise and loving Mother, and with good reason the season of Easter (50 days) is longer than the season of Lent (40 days).

The first Sunday after Easter is Divine Mercy Sunday.  I invite you to join the Divine Mercy services at Queen of Peace at 2pm that afternoon.  I also encourage you to pray the novena of Divine Mercy beginning this week on Good Friday.

In the liturgies of this week, we are invited to share in Jesus’s Passion, death, and Resurrection.  We have been redeemed!

In Christ,

Fr. Rob