April is a busy month!  The highlight will be First Communions: April 22 at St. Peter’s, April 29 at St. Joseph, and the weekend of May 5-6 at St. Julie’s.  Our school teachers, our PREP teachers, and the families have been preparing the precious children to receive our Lord’s gift of love.

I’m thankful for those who helped with the spaghetti dinner this weekend, and I enjoyed visiting with you there.  Next Sunday is a Mozart concert at St. Joseph performed by the Butler Philharmonic Symphony and Chorale.  Some St. Peter’s parishioners may remember Paul Stanberry who conducts the symphony and chorale.  The following weekend (April 28) is a men’s conference in Cincinnati.  What a great opportunity to be challenged and to meet other men who are pushing themselves to grow as Christian men – sons, husbands, fathers.  I enjoy listening to Fr. Larry Richards on Thursday afternoons on Sacred Heart Radio (89.5 fm).  Sharing these special moments – especially being able to give Holy Communion – remind me why I love being a priest.

During this Easter season as we move toward the sending of the Holy Spirit, I might learn more about the Holy Spirit by watching The Wild Goose on FORMED.

What a joy to know, love, and serve the good God!