Let your hearts be filled with joy!  Some are experiencing sadness because a loved one had died.  Jesus opened the way to eternal life and the hope of seeing them again.  You won’t see them today, but rejoice in hope.  Some are experiencing sadness because of broken relationships between spouses, between parents or among siblings.  Pray and in other times mourn as part of your prayer.  But today, rejoice!  God who has reconciled us to himself in Christ, desires to reconcile you to one another.  Some are sad because they feel stuck.  All things are possible to God who raised Jesus from the dead.  Rejoice in hope.  With the Lord beside you and the Holy Spirit within you, take the first step in a new direction toward the person you want to be.  Jesus has broken the bonds of death.

Many people in our world have chosen a skeptical way of seeing things, which is not all bad.  Some have even fallen prey to materialistic view of the world that rejects our Christian belief in the spiritual soul, in the resurrection of the dead, and in the afterlife.  You probably know one or more such people.  To them I recommend (and you can recommend to them on my behalf) a program on FORMED called Happiness, Episode 4.

During the season of Easter, we have the joy of sharing with our young people who will receive Holy Communion for the first time.  Four neophytes received First Holy Communion at the Easter Vigil.  St. Joseph will have first Holy Communions at the 10:30 Mass next weekend.  St. Julie’s will have first Holy Communions at each of the Masses the following weekend, May 4-5.  St. Peter’s will have first Holy Communions at the 11am Mass on May 19.

Next Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday.  I encourage you to join Divine Mercy devotions at Queen of Peace from 2-4pm.  Participating is the services can grant a plenary indulgence.

Rejoice in the Risen Lord!

Fr. Rob