The bishops have requested that public Masses be suspended through May 3.  It has been a painful exile of sorts for many of you.  Currently, my impression is that there is only a small possibility that we will be able to celebrate public Masses on May 10 with social distancing practices.  Whether it is May 10 or later, exercise prudent judgment in determining whether you will attend or continue to stay home and not risk exposure to illness.  I need to be straightforward and inform you that the loss of Sunday collections has been very difficult on our parishes.  Many have begun online giving.  Thank you!  If you are able to make donations online or mail envelopes to us, it will be a great help during this time.  If you are rejoining us in two weeks, you could also consider catching up.

The gospel of the Road to Emmaus reminds us that the disciples were nourished by the Word while on the road before they were nourished in the breaking of the bread.  This may be a time to read from the Word of God while awaiting the return of public Masses.

This week I will begin keeping a regular schedule for confessions again.  Until Masses resume, the confessions will be at St. Joseph in the sacristy to the left of the sanctuary.  To protect against virus spread the archdiocese has recommended that confessions be behind the screen (barrier to water droplets exhaled), surfaces are wiped between each penitent, and a distance of six feet be maintained (hence the sacristy as opposed to a confessional).  Confession times are Tuesday 7-8pm, Saturday morning 9-10 and afternoon 2:30-3:30.

Don’t forget that you can still call fellow parishioners or take walks to stay connected.

God bless you and keep you,


El Camino hasta Emmaus era la primera Misa se celebró después de la resurrección.  En camino, Jesús explicó las Escrituras para los dos discípulos.  Y después fue reconocido al partir el pan.  De mismo modo, todas las Misas empiecen con lecturas de las Escrituras – se llama liturgia de la palabra – y siguen con el partir del pan – liturgia de la Eucaristía.  A mí, me toca que hagamos lo mismo hoy como los primeros discípulos.

Voy a seguir con tiempos dedicados para confesarse.  Mientras no tenemos Misas públicas, todos los tiempos se observan en la iglesia San José (925 S. Second Street).  Para mantener una distancia de seis pies, va a confesarse en la sacristía, no en el confesional.  Voy a usar la sacristía a la izquierda del santuario.  Durante esta semana, habran confesiones el martes desde 7 a 8pm y el sábado desde 9 a 10am y de nuevo 2:30 a 3:30pm.

Celebré la Misa en el español en la catedral este fin de semana.  Dios les bendiga y les proteja.