As we begin Holy Week, I am deeply grieved that there will not be public gatherings for the Triduum, the Sacred Liturgies that mark this holiest of days in the year.  Grief is center stage on Good Friday and is expressed well in “The Reproaches.”  We have not sung the Reproaches in our parishes, but you can hear them on YouTube when you search “Good Friday Reproaches.”  Churches will be open for adoration of the Cross on Good Friday.  See St. Julie’s facebook page or the Sunday and Wednesday livestreams for the hours of adoration.  We will livestream Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Easter Vigil liturgies as an opportunity for you and your family to pray with us – for our pastoral region to be a community united in prayer at those times.

Also on Good Friday, the Ecumenical Way of the Cross for the city of Hamilton has been pre-recorded and will be available online.

Good Friday is the day to begin the Divine Mercy Novena!  Please, please incorporate that in your prayer during this year!  More information can be found at or will be available through our parish webpages and St. Julie’s Facebook page.  Let us shake the heavens with our cry for Mercy.

Mercy is found in confession.  I am hearing confessions by appointment.  Call 773-4419.

Mercy is also carried out in actions.  Review the corporal and spiritual works of mercy with your family.  If you are in good health consider lending a hand in the following ways:  check on your neighbors, donate blood, become a “shopping angel,” help prepare lunches at New Life Mission, donate time or money with St. Vincent de Paul.  Refer to a parish e-mail for more information.  I remind you again: pick up the phone.  Call those you miss – or those you got busy and have not heard from in a while.

The peace of Christ be with you all,

Fr. Rob


¡Un Saludo a todos! A medida que comenzamos la Semana Santa, me entristece profundamente que no habrá reuniones públicas para el Triduo.

Las liturgias de Santa Julia estarán disponibles por “livestream.” Las liturgias de Jueves Santo y La Vigilia Pascual van a incluir algunas partes en español. tendremos la Liturgia de la Pasión el viernes santo 10 de abril a las 5:30pm y la Misa de Pascua el Domingo 12 de abril a las 9:30am.

Les invito a iniciar el novenario de la coronilla de la Divina Misericordia. Empezaremos este viernes y seguimos hasta el Domingo después de la Pascua.


Cuídense y cuidémonos unos a otros durante este tiempo de pandemia. Si hay una familia que necesita ayuda en este tiempo queremos saberlo. Puede dejar un mensaje.

Karla Eysoldt      Tel 513-448-8994

Pilar Hernandez Tel. 513-892-9041


La paz de cristo este con ustedes


Fr. Rob