Thursday of this week is the Assumption of Mary, a holy day of obligation.  We see fulfilled in Mary what we hope for ourselves.  This weekend’s second reading also speaks of it: “They desire a better homeland, a heavenly one.”  Mary, body and soul, has arrived at the heavenly homeland.  Mary, human like us, arrived there.  That means we can arrive there, too.

The second reading extols the faith of Abraham, which sustained him while he “sojourned in the promised land as in a foreign country.”  When we were baptized, we entered into Christ Jesus and became with him, children of Abraham.  As such, we have solidarity with others who find themselves in a foreign land.  There are tremendous needs in this regard.  There are no easy answers, but we need to find a place to begin.  We will strengthen in faith those who come to our parish seeking solace and strength from God.  No one has all the answers, so it is important that people are able to speak with one another about the challenges before us.  We strive, also, to not turn a blind eye.  Our father Abraham was a wandering Aramean.

On Tuesday St. Peter’s finance committee will meet to review the close of the previous fiscal year and to introduce our new business manager, Liz Moran.  Also on Tuesday, St. Peter’s pastoral council will meet.

I was glad to see many of you at the adult dinner Saturday night at the Fenmont.  I hope many St. Joseph parishioners will enjoy the parish picnic this afternoon.  St. Peter’s parish picnic will be on August 25.  I have invited my brother to perform a juggling show for the little (and big) kids who are there.

What a joy to know, love, and serve the good God.