The new school year begins next Tuesday, August 24.  There will be some logistical challenges as we take measures to keep our kids and our teachers safe.  I am thankful to the principals and their advisors who have prepared safety plans.  More than anything I am happy that our students will be with us, and that they will be together with friends, which some of them have missed very much.  Pray for students and teachers as they prepare for the year ahead.  Pray for their health and safety as well.

I am curious to learn about the coronavirus risk through its impact on baseball teams.  The outbreaks for the Marlins and the Cardinals confirms that the disease is very contagious.  However, to my knowledge, none of the 30+ players or staff who tested positive from those teams has required hospitalization.  If that is the general trend, that could be a promising sign that the infections will be less disruptive than initially feared.  One player from another team developed myocarditis, but is expected to fully recover.  We are still learning.  Take precautions for yourself and others when in public.

Next weekend parishioners from St. Denis parish will be at all Masses to speak on behalf of the Diocese of Puerto Escondido.  St. Denis parish entered a twinning relationship with the parish Nuestra Senora de Soledad and the Diocese of Puerto Escondido around ten years ago.  The town of Puerto Escondido has been hit hard by the coronavirus reducing tourism and by earthquakes during the late spring and summer.  You can make a donation after Mass next week to support the Catholic Church there.

As our children return to school, let us turn to the father in the Holy Family, St. Joseph, to guard us and to give us Jesus’s protection.

God bless you and keep you,

Fr. Rob