There is a growing awareness of the pandemic’s toll on mental health.  Heightened anxiety, a little of it merited, most of it exaggerated; isolation, especially among the elderly and the teens; loss of major events, such as prom and graduation, take a toll, whether they are the result of the virus or our response to the virus.  To that end the Butler County Suicide Prevention Coalition will have a Walk to Remember on Thursday, September 10 from 6-8pm at Pyramid Hill.  It will bring attention to groups and services that can help to cope.  The pandemic also affects those experiencing pregnancy without a stable home life.  Learn more about our local pregnancy center on Thursday, August 27 (see this week’s bulletin).

I am impressed with the attention and care that our schools have given to limit the spread of the virus.  I also want to note that we are in a different place than we were in March.  We know more about the virus, testing has become more available, symptoms more recognizable; all of which allow earlier detection and beginning of treatment through proven intervention with Remdesivir and Dexamethasone.  It is reasonable to expect better outcomes as a result.  In view of that, pastoral councils this past week have reviewed our Mass protocols.  We are also looking to invite parish groups – those that feel comfortable – to begin meeting at the parish in September provided Butler County remains at level two risk of exposure and spread.

The Core Team leaders for our regional youth group met last Sunday.  I am excited for the meetings this semester around the theme of discernment!  We would love to have your kids join us – see this week’s bulletin.  We would benefit from one or two adults joining our core team.

We are also in need of a sixth grade catechist for our Sunday morning PREP program.

Please make an effort to support the Diocese of Puerto Escondido in response to this weekend’s appeal.  The Diocese in general, and their seminary, in particular, hosted me during my language immersion during the past winter.

Let us walk in the courage and strength of Christ our Shepherd.