In today’s gospel Jesus says that many will attempt to enter the kingdom of heaven but will not be strong enough.  We exercise our muscles each day to gain physical strength.  What commitments have you made each day to prayer or to spiritual reading to increase spiritual strength?  The daily encounter with God in prayer is indispensable.

The Cursillo Movement provides a method and a technique to provide each of us with the tools, the mindset, the strength, and the support to follow Christ intentionally.  The Cursillo Movement helps us approach evangelization as a very natural act of being Christ-like within our daily activities. We realize that while most people would like to live their lives in a Christ-like manner, the pressures of the world often make this difficult.  You might consider signing up for the men’s cursillo weekend September 19-22.

In the end our choosing to love strengthens us to follow where Jesus goes before.  Marriage is a gift that God has provided for men and women to learn to love and grow in love over a lifetime.  Sometimes marriages hit rough patches.  Retrovaille weekends exist to help couples begin to love again.  The next Retrovaille weekend is September 6-8.

Another valuable way to start again and to strengthened and renewed by sacramental grace is through the sacrament of reconciliation.  Confession and reconciliation will be available at St. Joseph on Tuesday of this week starting at 7pm.  The day was chosen for its proximity to the memorial on the 29th for the beheading of John the Baptist; his message was one of repentance.

Next weekend’s Masses at St. Julie Billiart will celebrate the anniversary of the church’s dedication.  The readings at those Masses will be specific to those Masses.  The Church, as the Body of Christ, is an extension of the Incarnation, a reality that is both human and divine.  It is through that union of the human and divine that God enters in to save fallen humanity.

What a joy to know, love, and serve the good God.