The world in silent stillness waits…and yet there is energy in the anticipation. When there are little ones around there is a lot of energy of expectancy (not so much silence, though).  It is a beautiful thing.

What we await is the true light that enlightens the human race. Jesus helps us to see our lives as part of something bigger.  The readings during the Christmas season show us some of the hardships that were part of the lives of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.  The readings also show us the fulfillment of the prophets: that God is acting in their lives.  If we listen with humble hearts and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us – the readings will teach us how to see the same in our own lives.  We see our hardships (and joys), and also God acting in our lives.  He came from heaven to be born in a manger because he wanted to be part of everyday human life; it is certain that He will act in our lives.

During the Christmas season – which is only now beginning – the Church invites us to reflect more deeply on the Incarnation: God became a human being, the Word became flesh. What does it mean to have a God who is so close to us?  What are the ways we still make him present today?

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!  What a joy to receive in faith the good God who chose to be born among us.

In Christ,

Fr. Rob