We have begun the holy season of Lent.  Muscles atrophy when they are not used.  When everyday concerns cause us to lose sight of prayer, lose sight of our Lord, our spiritual muscles atrophy.  Jesus began his ministry with an intense 40-day training directed by the Holy Spirit.  Following his model, the practice of Lenten penance restores our faith.

This weekend we send some of our catechumens from our communities – their home communities – to the Rite of Election in Dayton with Bishop Binzer.  In this ceremony we see God’s initiative.  Apart from God, we can do nothing (John 15:5).  Christ, in the person of the bishop, chooses these men and women for baptism.  When speaking with engaged couples I make an analogy to their intention to marry.  In the wedding vows, you choose this man or this woman to be your spouse, and you begin to live together.  In the Rite of Election God chooses them as a unique individual, and when they receive that Holy Spirit at baptism, God makes his home with them.

In your families or personal prayer, remember to pray for our catechumens, our Elect, and those Jesus is inviting to a closer walk with Himself in his Church.

On Friday join us at St. Joseph for the fish fry and stay to pray the stations.  On Saturday morning, the 2nd graders for St. Peter in Chains parish will have their Jesus Day retreat.  I am thankful for the volunteers who make it an exciting day for the 2nd graders and their parents.