This past Tuesday I finished “Pastor Boot Camp.”  It was not as tough as it sounds, in one sense.  It showed me areas to work on to lead with discipline, wisdom, and courage.  I valued the four sessions over zoom that were hosted by The Amazing Parish.  It was warm here when compared to the five or six pastors in the Minnesota area (they woke up to -30 degrees, but broke 0 degrees by late morning).  It was not painful as one would associate with boot camp, but it left me wanting to do better.  Let us pray for one another.


The Church truly is a wise and loving mother.  She gives us the season of Lent to prepare ourselves for the joy of Easter.  I do need this invitation to refocus on our Lord and following him with discipline in the small ways.  “Begin again,” as St. Teresa of Avila would say to her Carmelite sisters.  My resolutions will include writing in a journal every evening (self-knowledge) and going to bed at a decent hour.  I have not yet decided to what extent to include fasting; in the past it has impeded my ability to work during the day.  Since I have shared them with you, you can ask me how I am doing on them.  I encourage you to try something that will help you grow in self-knowledge: where are you strong? Where are you weak?  Are you willing to share them both with the Lord?  I remind you that Stations of the Cross are a grace-filled practice during Lent – Wednesday or Friday.


I am happy to be meeting with several engaged couples over the next few weeks.  I will also have two meetings regarding Hispanic Ministry, which is a rich inclusion within the Catholic Church in the U.S.  Next Saturday I hope to catch part of the E-6 Men’s Conference online (registration required) between my morning confession time and afternoon confession time.  I will


What a joy to know, love, and serve the good God.


In Christ,


Fr. Rob