Positive change doesn’t just happen on its own. Let’s be honest: change is never easy.  Positive change comes with people committing themselves to something bigger and working together toward a common vision.  Sometimes heroic individuals call people together to facilitate change.  We see that commitment; we see agents of change in the work of Martin Luther King Jr., of the Knights of Columbus, of a parish or pastoral region.

Martin Luther King Jr. organized people to correct the injustices of his time. He was a minister of the Gospel, and it was his knowledge of Scripture that enabled him to see clearly what was right and what was wrong without falling into the devil’s trap of seeing other races as the enemy.  It was his love or our Lord Jesus Christ that gave him the courage and strength to speak amid threats and intimidation, which became real when he was assassinated.

I know that St. Peter parish is greatly indebted to the time given by our local Knights of Columbus. The men are humble and quiet about the real positive work they do, but it extends beyond St. Peter’s to the whole region.  Their work supports several scholarships to Catholic school students, assists veterans, and other odds and ends.  The Knights meet in St. Peter’s cafeteria on the first and third Wednesday of the month.  Their annual sports stag is this Thursday at the Mariott.  To learn more e-mail: polockone@aol.com

Parishes are another place where people work together to bring about positive change. Members of St. Joseph parish are invited to me and pastoral council at 7pm in the school cafeteria on either Wednesday or Thursday of this week.

What have you committed yourself to that will enable you to be an agent of positive change?

What a joy to know, love, and serve the good God.

In Christ,

Fr. Rob