Both our schools have their open house this weekend!  We have a lot to be proud of at both St. Peter in Chains school and St. Joseph Consolidated school as we prepare our young children in faith and in virtue.

Last year was the first time that Pope Francis called for a Sunday as the Celebration of the Word of God – now celebrated each year on the third Sunday of ordinary time.  The bishops of the Vatican Council II promulgated a document by the Latin name Dei Verbum, or Word of God.  We see that Jesus himself is the Word of God and the fullness of God’s self-revelation to us.  The Bible is one way that we encounter Him.  This weekend is a good occasion for me to renew my commitment to pray with the Word of God.

Tomorrow is a feast of St. Paul and the close of the week of prayer for Christian Unity.  We have not given this as much attention as it deserves.  Each year it is near Catholic Schools Week, the Catholic Ministries Appeal, and just after our parish celebrations of Christmas.  Please offer a prayer today to express a desire for greater unity among all who are baptized into Christ Jesus.

Tomorrow we celebrate the conversion of St. Paul.  He was always “all in” for God.  However, it was his encounter with the Risen Jesus on the road to Damascus that clarified his vision of who this God is.  What a gift that God has revealed Himself to us!  Paul never lost his zeal.  The zeal with which he served God as a Pharisee was now the zeal with which he served God as a slave of Christ Jesus (to use his own phrase).  Just as the scales fell from Paul’s eyes, may the same Holy Spirit give us clearer vision in our own day.

What a joy to know, love, and serve the good God.


Fr. Rob