Merry Christmas!  Today’s feast of the Epiphany is the 12th day of Christmas.  In some cultures today is celebrated with more enthusiasm than December 25 – either custom is good.

January is a busy month for our pastoral region and for the Catholic Church as a whole.  I want you to have a head’s up.  There will be three bulletin inserts this month and one or two appeals made at the end of the month.  Whether it is a nation, a family, a company, or the Church, a group is only as strong as its members.  These appeals are ways to build up the Body of Christ, the Church – understanding that no one of us can do it all, but we all have some gift, large or small.  The wise men brought their gifts to Jesus; we bring our gifts to his Body, the Church.  Please be generous in allowing the Lord to work through you.

This weekend’s insert shares the struggles and courage of people who have fled from difficult circumstances.  As part of a universal Church (Catholic means universal), the bishops of the United States want to call our attention to issues of migration and its effects on some of our brothers and sisters in Christ and challenges to the dignity of the human person here and in other parts of the world.

Next weekend will include an insert with ministries and possible areas of involvement.  I am impressed and grateful by the dedication of those of our pastoral region who are already involved.  If you have not been very involved in your parish – in the recent past or ever – please give generous consideration to where you might strengthen the Church.

The third insert will announce the open houses and pre-school for each of our schools.

Let us adore Christ alongside the Magi.

In Christ,

Fr. Rob