I hope your family enjoyed many blessings during the Christmas season – it officially ends tomorrow with celebration of the baptism of the Lord. This week I will meet with pastoral council for both St. Joseph and St. Julie Billiart.

This week work is being done in St. Julie Billiart church to upgrade to energy efficient lighting. Monday Mass will still be celebrated at St. Julie’s.  Wednesday Mass at 8am will be celebrated at St. Peter’s in the chapel (old convent along Cleveland Ave.).

For the Feast of the Epiphany we recall the magi coming to honor Jesus as king, to worship him as God incarnate, and to bring him gifts. It’s an opportunity to ask what gifts we might share with Jesus and with His Body, which is the Church.  At St. Julie Billiart we will be asking for and training liturgical ministers (lector, server, etc.).  Our pastoral region’s faith formation team will begin meeting at the end of this month and may be in need of volunteers for future events.  I am very interested in hearing if parishioners are willing to serve as chaperones for youth events or coordinate babysitting during adult faith formation.  In the near future, I hope to have an outreach team for the region as well.  Thank you to the many members of each parish who already share gifts and time to assist with ACES, bereavement support, EPIC/PTO, St. Vincent de Paul, Bingo, and family promise.  Many hands make light work.  God wants to enrich the people of our community through the work of our pastoral region.  What gifts do you bring?


What a joy to know, love, and serve the good God!


In Christ,

Fr. Rob