I went to confession just over a week ago.  It stood out to me when the confessor said, “This is a day of rejoicing as you come back to the Lord.”  Yes, priests need to go to confession, too.  I need that help to refocus and to ask, “How can I be closer to Jesus today than I was yesterday?”  Confession can be a regular (every two months) practice for one who takes seriously their walk with our Lord.  When is the last time that you went to confession?

St. Stephen’s cemetery recently completed construction of a columbarium for the interment of cremated remains.  The columbarium is a beautiful addition near the mausoleum.  A parking lot and landscaping are still in the works.

I will be on vacation from July 17 to July 23.  However, I will celebrate two Masses on Sunday.  I will certainly visit with family as my brother and his family come in from Idaho.  I hope to spend at least one evening camping.  Beyond that, staying healthy will be of most importance.

I am pleased that we now have four episodes in our Seasons of Prayer series.  I indicate that one goal is to show that prayer is what normal people do.  A second goal is to reinforce the value that prayer can and does have in your families.  Please check it out on the St. Julie Billiart Parish YouTube page!

St. Joseph, please continue to watch over us and keep us healthy.

In Christ,

Fr. Rob


Estoy alegre que algunas de ustedes pudieron escuchar al abogado, Zach Sanders, hablando cerca de DACA el jueves pasado.  ¡Ojala que los políticos harían ley que daría esta protección a estos jóvenes!

Quiero decir, “gracias” a miembros del coro que proveen cantar aún en las Misas de los lunes y los viernes.  Padre Miguel o yo celebra la Misa cada semana a las 7:30 por la tarde.

Voy de vacaciones de 17 de Junio a 23 de Junio, pero estaré aquí para una Misa el domingo.  Voy a gastar tiempo con mi familia – con mi mamá y con mi hermano que viene de Idaho durante este tiempo.  Vayan con Dios.  Espero que la paz y amor de Cristo habiten su casa.

San José, padre de la Sagrada Familia, guarde la salud de nuestra comunidad durante la pandemia.

En Cristo,

Fr. Rob