I am trying to be intentional in July on determining what volunteers and staff are needed in the three parishes, so that I do not overextend myself.  Part of that means I may have to leave some things undone to ensure I get adequate rest.  If I succeed at identifying needs, it will then be very important for each parish to examine its resources – financial and volunteer time – to determine how to meet those needs.  An important need is bereavement, for one or two people from each parish to be willing to meet with the families of a deceased loved one to gather information about their loved one, help select readings and music for the funeral (and, ideally be present at funeral to greet the family and to instruct lectors and EMHCs).

The Marriage Series continues: Wednesday night 7pm at St. Peter’s church.  This Wednesday’s speaker is from Ruah Woods.  I first learned about Ruah Woods as a seminarian.  There is a lot of pain in confusion in our world because of immature ideas about what love is and the breakdown of families.  Ruah Woods was established to teach John Paul II’s insights about human life and relationships in what has come to be known as Theology of the Body.  After encountering real people who had been hurt by popular lies about sex, love, and relationships, the organization recognized a need for psychological counseling as part of their healing ministry.  Ruah Woods psychological services began with Dr. Andrew Sodergren (LCC) as its director.  We are very fortunate that he will be giving the presentations this Wednesday and next Wednesday as part of our series marking the 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae.