A big thank you to the adults and kids who helped with Vacation Bible School!  What a blast!

This Wednesday, 7pm at St. Peter’s, is the last of our Marriage Series.  Dr. Sodergren will give pointers on how to strengthen or restore your marriage relationship.

I mentioned last week that I need to identify ways for parishioners to volunteer to support the ministry of our pastoral region.  I am thankful for the volunteers who are helping with youth ministry and faith formation, and to those who will be helping with outreach.  I will continue to reflect and seek counsel on where I can share some of the other work of our pastoral region.  I have even postponed language immersion in Mexico, so as to focus my attention on getting the support in place that I or a priest after me would need.  I had intended a three month immersion beginning this November.  However, I will spend only a week in Mexico in February instead, so I am able to recruit and volunteer help as needs become more clear.

Next Saturday I will celebrate my mom’s wedding.  Not every widow or widower will remarry.  Some will best honor God in this life by continued devotion to the deceased spouse, to children and grandchildren and to the Church.  Sts. Elizabeth Ann Seton and Elizabeth of Hungary are good examples.  Some best honor God within the context of a new family while continuing to attend to their family.  This is in accord with St. Paul’s advice to young widows in his first letter to the Corinthians.  I am happy for my mom and will be in Coldwater on the 28th.

What a joy to know, love, and serve the good God!