July 26 is the feast day for Saints Anne & Joachim, the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  It is a reminder that married couples, too, can and do grow in holiness.  After all, the greatest goal in marriage is to help your spouse get to heaven.  The Vatican Council II acknowledged that spouses and parents achieve sanctity (and merit in heaven) by fulfilling those vocations in the care of daily life.  At all Masses this weekend, we will have a simple recognition of couples celebrating a milestone anniversary (25, 40, 50, 60 years).  Thank you for your witness to the value and beauty of the married life.

Our three parishes have been part of the single Hamilton Catholic Pastoral Region for three years now.  Has it really been that long?  I think that I have not asked often enough how to better share resources (and staff) between the three parishes.  None of the three parishes have regularly made the collections goals stated weekly in the bulletin.  The challenges of the coronavirus, also, added difficulties.  As we ask how to share resources among the parishes expect some changes in staffing.  Three staffing changes have recently occurred or have plans in place.

As you know, Fr. Richmond is no longer in Hamilton; he is still with us in prayer.  With a healthier financial situation, I can ask the archdiocese to send a parochial vicar.  Without adequate income, the absence of a parochial vicar will remain the first change.  The second adjustment, also heartbreaking for us at St. Julie’s, Bonnie Whittlesey will not be in the parish office after July 31.  She has been exceptional during her 11 years on staff.  When you see her, let her know your appreciation.  The third adjustment is having Lisa Stricker serve the entire region.  In this role she will be working from St. Julie’s parish office alongside Mary Ann Williams beginning October 1.  See inside for more information.

In Christ,

Fr. Rob