Happy Independence Day weekend!  Recent events show that our nation is not perfect (only the Kingdom of Heaven will be), but we have a great nation.  Opportunity and prosperity are part of our nation.  Many people still seek to immigrate here for that reason.  To the extent that those opportunities are not equal, we need to ask difficult questions and to learn.  What our founding fathers accomplished was remarkable!  Of particular note is the Bill of Rights, which refers to the first ten amendments to the Constitution.  Even more so than the Declaration of Independence – the signing of which we commemorate on July 4th – the preamble of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights make it clear that public authority is exercised as a service to those who are governed.  That is a powerful, positive ideal.  In my video on St. Julie Parish YouTube channel, I reflect on how God’s action of redemption takes our part, uniting himself to us to purify and restore our fallen nature.  Analogously, there are elements of our nation that need purified.  However, it worries me when there are calls to disband police or remove historic monuments.  At that point, it appears to me that the intention is no longer to purify or redeem, but rather to destroy and remake.  See the video for more.  I also have a video about DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).

Tuesday is the first Tuesday of the month.  Holy Hour and confessions are at St. Joseph church from 7-8pm.  Next Sunday, July 12th, our youth group will meet again.  They have been meeting just outside to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

Continue to pray for one another.  Pray for police officers; they have difficult and sometimes dangerous work and that they exercise good judgment.  Pray for health care workers and pray for our nation.  I hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend!

In Christ,

Fr. Rob