In the gospel Jesus says that “a prophet is not without honor except in his hometown.”  The Church is the Body of Christ, and she continues the prophetic mission of Jesus: to speak the truth that comes from God and to call people back to God’s intentions for our good, the good of his creatures.  Nowhere is the Church’s prophetic witness needed than in the area of human sexuality.  There are parts of the Church’s teaching that are unpopular, but I think the #MeToo movement, the number of children in single parent homes – perhaps even the role of sexual activity as a contributing factor in depression among teenagers – all are symptoms that the world’s approach to sexuality is not conducive to authentic happiness and fulfilment.

This month our pastoral region will host three talks on the Church’s vision for marriage and for sexuality within marriage.  When Pope Paul VI issued his encyclical On Human Love fifty years ago, it would have been difficult to see just how prophetic it was.  He spoke truth, and we see it even clearer in hindsight.  The talks begin this Wednesday at St. Peter in Chains Church and a separate program for kids will also be prepared.  I speak this Wednesday.  Dr. Andrew Sodergren, a licensed counselor, will speak the following two Wednesdays.  I hope you learn and are enriched by your participation.

St. Julie’s pastoral council will meet on Tuesday night this week.

Next weekend we participate in the mission appeal organized by the archdiocese.  Two sisters will speak after the weekend Masses to introduce the work of Mission to Mission.  Baskets will be available at the exits of the church for you to contribute and support their work.