Happy Father’s Day!  It is a privilege, a challenge, and a joy to be able to form our children.  We want good things for our children – feeling of security and home, a life of aspiration and inspiration, and enduring relationships with siblings and friends.  Fathers have an important role to play.  When I think of my father, I often think of “what big shoes to fill;” he is a very good man.

In our gospel Jesus uses a field as a parable for the Kingdom of God.  It takes time for each of us to grow and mature.  Chris Stefanick in a moment of prayer also had a vision of a field – but it was scorched and laid waste.  The Holy Spirit suggested to him it was a vision of what Satan and contemporary culture wants to make of men within the Church.  He responded with courage and established the MenRiseUp challenge.  I am starting it tomorrow.  Sign up at MenRiseUp.org.

This month I have baptized my niece, Quinn Marie, and recall the baptism of my Godson, James Francis, two years ago.  I have the same joy for family baptisms as I have for baptisms in our own parishes.  If you have a child to be baptized, call the parish office.  I am thankful to Fr. Richmond and Fr. Polycarp for sharing their love for God in the baptism classes on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.

Some local musicians – singers of the Butler Philharmonic – perform in Carnegie Hall today.  We are blessed to have great musicians in our region!  I am thankful for all those involved in parish music ministry (consider joining ; -).  Thank you to Michael, Jonathan, and Theresa.  We are blessed.

What a joy to know, love, and serve the good God!