The pandemic and the quarantine changed many things.  God’s power is still made available to us in the sacraments!  (The sacraments give grace.)  Congratulations to the adults and children who received baptism, confirmation and Holy Communion last Saturday!  We welcome them to God’s family, the Church.  Our children at St. Julie’s received their First Holy Communion this weekend.  (Some will receive their second Holy Communion because they received last Friday.)  The children at St. Joseph receive their first Holy Communion this Sunday and St. Peter’s children next Sunday.  We feed on the Bread of Life.

Our 9am Mass at St. Julie’s has reached capacity each of the first two weeks.  We will shift one side of the church to every other pew (for individuals and couples who can space laterally) to accommodate a few more people.

Our first discussion and reflection regarding racism was last Wednesday at 7pm.  The second discussion is Monday night at 7pm.  Both are hosted through Zoom.

I am concerned about the Supreme court’s decision regarding transgenderism.  I have not studied it enough to comment further.  It is clear that such individuals suffer greatly.  However, their body is not the enemy, nor some insignificant piece of matter, that can be changed arbitrarily.  I believe we would do well to give them counseling and resources to reconcile with their God-given body.  There is much that we need to recover in the beauty and complimentarity of being male and female.

The Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul is June 29.  Since it is the patronal feast for St. Peter in Chains, it will be observed at next weekend’s Masses that occur at St. Peter’s church.