St. Peter’s parish celebrates its patronal feast this weekend!  Saints Peter and Paul are often referred to as the pillars of the Church.  With good reason they are depicted in many Catholic churches.  We need to learn how to ignite the same courage and zeal that strengthened these two martyrs and apostles.  It is because they knew Jesus.  He was not an idea or a story book character.  He was real to them.  May St. Peter’s intercession and patronage support this parish of our pastoral region in the months and years ahead.

Thursday is Independence Day.  Mass will be celebrated at 8:30am at St. Julie’s.  Hamilton’s parade leaves from the fairgrounds at 10am.  Deacon Mike Mignery dreams of twelve “apostles” from each parish to march with the Right to Life group.  Independence Day is more than fireworks (I very much like the fireworks, though.  Be safe).  In shows very powerfully that ideas have consequences.  The idea of God-given rights, the idea of religious freedom, the idea of self-government (republic), took shape.  Such ideas swayed the hearts of the founding fathers to risk life and liberty.  It was the type of resolution shown by Elisha in today’s first reading.  I am thankful they did.  What I fear we have lost sight of today is that people must be able to govern their own passions and their own households before they are able to govern the larger community.  This is the freedom St. Paul speaks of in our second reading.

The examples of Elisha, Saints Peter and Paul, and the founding fathers invite us to ask if we are following Jesus with the same level of resolution.

I am away on vacation until July 11.  There will NOT be holy hour and confessions at St. Joseph on Tuesday, July 2.

What a joy, to know, love, and serve the good God.