Corpus Christi

Wow!  What a beautiful prayer last night!  It was beautiful to see members of all three parishes come together to pray with the pilgrim statue of Fatima.  I have admiration for the pilgrims who are walking miles (literally miles) to share the graces that our Lady brings.  It was a true celebration of diversity as lovers of God from both language groups lifted our prayers to Mary, Queen of Heaven.

This weekend is the celebration of Corpus Christi, the Most Holy Body and Blood of Jesus.  Jesus has given everything for us on the Cross.  I refer to the Eucharist as God’s greatest gift this side of heaven, since it is Jesus himself, given for us.  You are encouraged to participate in the procession after the 9am Mass at St. Julie’s or at 3pm at St. Peter’s.

Each year the Mission office coordinates the Missionary Cooperative Plan, in which a representative of a missionary community shares about the situation of the Catholic community in their part of the world.  Next weekend two priests from India, Fr. Raju Pilla and Fr. Lenin Raj, will come to speak at each Mass.  We will have a second collection to support the diocese of Trivandrum, which has a lot of poverty and was worsened by pandemic lockdowns.  I hope you are able to support next week’s second collection.

June can be a great month to begin marriage preparation if you and your future spouse want to get married in the fall of 2022 or early in 2023.

I will be away on vacation beginning June 13, and I will return the following Saturday, June 19th.

As part of Living Stones, this weekend we invite you to consider assisting with your parish’s chapter of St. Vincent de Paul.  We have two more weeks featuring Living Stones, and we will wrap up on June 20.  Thank you for those who have said, “Yes,” to Jesus and to his Church during this campaign.

In Christ,

Fr. Rob

¡Me tocó mucho la celebración de la Virgen anoche!  ¡Gracias a todos que participaron – los que adornaron con flores o cadenas de oración, los que llevaron comida, los que prestaron imágenes de María!  Nuestro Señor Jesucristo derramó muchas gracias a los que aman a su madre.  Fue una celebración verdadero de toda la comunidad – de ambos idiomas y de los tres parroquias.  Se alegra el corazón de la madre cuando sus hijos se reúnen en paz y alabanza.  Estoy muy contento y les agradezco a todos que participaron.

También estoy contento que muchas se cuiden por la recepción de la vacuna.  El número de casos bajó todo el mes de mayo.  Los grupos empiecen a reunirse en junio.  Nos fortalecemos unos a otros en la fe de Jesucristo.

En Cristo,

P. Rob