Thank you to those who helped with the parish breakfast at St. Peter’s this weekend.  St. Julie Billiart will host their Lenten dinner this Friday.  Join us for food and fellowship and stay to pray the Stations of the Cross with us as well.  An RSVP for the meal to St. Julie’s office is appreciated (863-1040).

The Lenten Penance service for our pastoral region will be 7pm this Tuesday at St. Peter in Chains.  I expect to have seven priests available to hear confession.  We want to come to celebrate Easter with hearts made pure.  It is also a good time to evaluate the resolve for our Lenten penances.

St. Joseph pastoral council will meet on Wednesday of this week and St. Julie’s pastoral council on Thursday.  Together we build a stronger parish and as a pastoral region do the Lord’s work in and around Hamilton.

In this weekend’s gospel (except 11am Mass where the scrutiny is celebrated) we pick up on Jesus’s words to Nicodemus, who came to him at night.  Are there times that we want to come to Jesus at night, unnoticed?  “Whoever lives the truth comes to the light.”  Jesus is calling us to integrity of life.  Many of you know the freedom of living in the light.  For others, let the goal of that freedom give you the courage to put fight against bad habits that remain.  Jesus teaches us to have courage by his trial in the desert, by his enduring the Passion.  But let us not forget that He came that we might have Life.