I am appalled by Amazon’s decision to not sell any books that speak of transgender mindset or inclination as a disease.  The American Psychiatric Association publishes the professional guide for therapists, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), has changed its language from “gender identity disorder” to “gender dysphoria.”  As Christians, we see our bodies are a gift from God and a part of God’s creation.  Some actions are a rejection of that gift.  We acknowledge the pain and the suffering of those experiencing gender dysphoria.  We also help them acknowledge the consequences and the significance of actions they take as they seek healing through counseling and through Christ.  I am very concerned that our society’s actions will cause much unnecessary and painful confusion for our youth.

Today (3-21) is Down Syndrome Day.  Here, too, society’s values often prevent people from recognizing the gift of God.  Children with Down Syndrome are a gift from God.  They are always honest and sincere and often affectionate.  It is difficult to care for them at times, but they remain a gift.  Yet, 90% of them die from abortion before they are even born.  Society’s values have taught many people to reject the gift.  Here, too, is an area where Christians are called to be leaven in our society.

I have a bold hypothesis concerning children with Down Syndrome.  It is a genetic disorder, but I think that God permits it in order to teach their family members and friends how to truly love.  These children are rejected or set aside because we forgot what love is – or because we know what love is, just believe that it is too hard to actually do.  In our gospel Jesus says that if the grain falls to the ground and dies, it will bear much fruit.  Choosing not to love because it is hard is the seed that does not fall to the ground and die.

Draw near to Jesus as we journey through Lent.