The Passion of our Lord always strikes me to the heart.  Here before us is the only truly innocent man – the one who knew no sin…and this is how he is treated?!  We are indignant, when a child is harmed by malice or by neglect.  They are so innocent…  How much more the suffering of our Lord?  In the face of injustice it is easy to adopt an attitude of “an eye for an eye” or “the end justifies the means; we will make them pay!”  But the Lord – by his example – challenges us to another way: overcome evil with good.  If I am to follow him, I need the help of his grace.

The Feast of Divine Mercy is the Sunday after Easter; therefore, I encourage you to begin a novena to Divine Mercy on Good Friday.

I encourage you to worship with us during the Paschal Triduum: Holy Thursday at 7pm, Good Friday at 3pm (8pm in Spanish), and the Easter Vigil Saturday night at 9pm.  There is nothing else quite like it, even though Holy Thursday and Easter Vigil are the Mass with many familiar parts.  Following so closely Jesus’s final days before his glorification are captivating when you realize: this really happened.  The events that we recount really happened…and now we are witnesses to these things.  In order for me as pastor to baptize and receive into the Church members from all three parishes of the region, there is only one Easter Vigil.  The actions of all three days (Triduum) are united as a single mystery of our salvation.  To underscore the unity of the actions, all three liturgies are celebrated in the same place.  This year at St. Julie’s; next year at another parish of the pastoral region.  Join us as “we remember, we celebrate, we believe.”

In Christ,

Fr. Rob