Can you list the Ten Commandments?  Can your children list the Ten Commandments?  There are some things that are so basic, so fundamental that a person needs to know them without assistance from Google or Alexa.  The Ten Commandments are a guideline to making good decisions.  They purify us so that we are able to love more completely.  They also provide a set of common principles upon which society can be built and sustained.  If you weren’t able to list them, you’ve got some studying to do.

Communal penance services are offered during Lent.  Monday of this week a penance service is at St. Aloysius in Shandon.  Next week on Tuesday is the penance service for our pastoral region at St. Peter’s.  The following week is a Wednesday night penance service at Sacred Heart in Fairfield.

I am working with Fr. Richmond and Deacon Jeff to plan a Lenten morning of reflection just before Holy Week.  On Saturday, March 24 you are invited to reflect on Faith, Hope, and Charity as a Foundation for Friendship with God.

Holy Week leads up to the Sacred Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil).  The Archdiocese recommends that a pastoral region have one celebration of the Triduum.  This year the Triduum liturgy will be celebrated at St. Julie Billiart.  Next year it will be celebrated at St. Joseph.  The following year it will be celebrated at St. Peter in Chains.  Further out is yet to be determined, but may be dependent upon which parish has candidates receiving baptism and entering the Church at the Easter Vigil.

In Christ,

Fr. Rob