The archbishop has permitted public Masses to resume on May 25.  It is Jesus, the Word made flesh, who comes to us in each celebration of the Mass.  What a joy, that many will be able to draw near to him again.  For those at-risk, you may continue to make spiritual communions.  The archbishop continues to waive the obligation to attend Mass on Sunday during the time of pandemic.

As Governor DeWine has said, “The virus is still out there.”  When we resume public Masses, several measures will be in place to protect those who gather.  More details will be available this week and in next week’s bulletin.  Seating will be every third pew, or something to that effect, in order to provide physical distancing.  In accord with the governor’s recommendation to wear masks in public, I am asking that you wear a mask and we will give masks to those who do not have their own.

I plan to have two daily Masses in the region during the time of pandemic and physical distancing.  Look to next week’s bulletin for the schedule.

For those with kids in school, you know well that some things continue even when staying at home.  The same is true for me.  This week I will be speaking with engaged couples to continue their marriage preparation.  St. Peter’s will be hiring a new principal and a new pastoral musician and choir director.  This is the last week for receiving resumes.

We continue to pray in a particular way for the intercession of St. Joseph to be patron for our Hamilton community during this time.

Jesus has risen from the dead!  Our hope, our confidence, is in him.

In Christ,

Fr. Rob


El arzobispo permite Misas con público a partir de 25 de Mayo.  Es Jesus, la Palabra Encarnado, que viene a nosotros en cada celebración de la Misa.  ¡Que alegría que los fieles podrán acercarse a Jesucristo en esta manera de nuevo!  Varias personas que tiene más riesgo de complicaciones de COVID-19, siguen a hacer comuniones espirituales.  El arzobispo continua dejar de la obligación a asistir los domingos durante la pandemia.

El gobierno dice, “Coronavirus todavía está afuera.”  Tendremos reglas para asegurar la salud de los que congreguen.  Más detalles será disponible esta semana y el próximo boletín.  Van a sentarse cada tercera banca o algo semejante para guardar distancia.  Por eso, tenemos que ofrecer dos misas en español los domingos.  Vamos a avisarnos.  También pido que lleven mascaras para bajar la posibilidad de contagio a otras personas.  Celebremos Misas en español durante la semana dos o tres días.  Vamos a avisarse más adelante.

Esta semana voy a hablar con varias parejas por preparación a casarse.  La vida continua entre todo.

Dios les bendiga y les proteja,