Next week all three pastoral councils will meet on Wednesday evening.  The pastoral councils will review the budgets recommended by the finance committee and approved by the pastor.  It is only the second time all three councils will meet on the same night, so I am still seeing what works well and what could be better in this format.

I will meet with the finance committee from St. Julie and from St. Peter at different times on Tuesday of this week.

It is near the end of the school year.  I am certain the teachers and the students are ready for summer to be here.  This is the last week of class at St. Joseph.  Next week is the last week of class for St. Peter’s.  I am sure some students will be attending sports camps.  In addition to sports camps, Badin High School does a great job of organizing service opportunities and mission trips for some of the high school students of our pastoral region.

Randi Hom, our youth minister, will be taking twelve kids to Steubenville’s youth conference in Atlanta in July.  I have been impressed when I had chaperoned such trips in the past.  Each parish has a board with envelopes for those who want to financially support the kids making the trip and to set our regional youth ministry up for success next year.

We strive to grow as disciples.  In today’s gospel Jesus commands us to love one another as he has loved us.  An important part of that is coming to a deeper understanding of how he has loved us.  With that in mind, I congratulate the children and families from St. Peter’s who began receiving Jesus’s love in the Eucharist this weekend.  I also congratulate those who celebrated earlier in this Easter season.

Jesus is risen!  He lives!

In Christ,

Fr. Rob