What a powerhouse as the Holy Spirit descends this weekend!  The sound of a driving wind, the tongues of flame, the bold proclamation of the mighty acts of God drew the attention of the inhabitants of Jerusalem that day.  That same Holy Spirit is eager to act in the Church of our own day.  It prompts us to step out in faith.  One way is through our Living Stones Ministry Appeal.  St. Paul writes in our second reading: “A body is one though it has many parts” and “There are different kinds of spiritual gifts but the same spirit.”  Our Church is one; the ministry appeal is an invitation to respond according to the gifts that you have been given.  This weekend we hear about our pastoral region’s Outreach Committee.


I begin to think now and then about the opening of Spooky Nook.  Will the many visitors see that Christ is loved in our community?  Will they know how to find our churches for Mass – for those who are looking.  While not for my undertaking, I wonder about renovating sections of old houses to list on Air B&B or opening a bike rental – red bike rental or otherwise.


The Archdiocese has asked me to submit some input to them this week regarding the Beacons of Light planning process.  I met with staff and with the Beacons of Light committee for our region to include their input as well.  Find more information at www.catholicaoc.org/beacons.


It is nearing the end of the school year.  Class remained in person all year (except for a week of online learning after the Christmas holiday with families).  Our families’ vigilance paid off.  I am celebrating graduation Masses for St. Peter in Chains School and St. Joseph Consolidated School this week.


Come, Holy Spirit, Come!


Fr. Rob


Únase a la Celebración del Bicentenario de nuestra Arquidiócesis, participando en los preparativos para recibir la “PEREGRINACION MARIANA”


María alrededor del mundo: traiga una foto o estatua de María que usted venere en su país o ciudad con una descripción antes del miércoles. 2 de junio a la Oficina Parroquial de St. Julie. en la parte de abajo o atrás ponga su nombre, No. telefónico para devolvérsela La usaremos en la exhibición.

Ore y haga su cadena de oración para decorar a María, lleve su hoja con las tiras de papel blanco y azul están en las puertas de entrada y escriba una intención en cada eslabón todos los días. Use pegamento o una grapa para unir el eslabon y poder formas la cadena, por ultimo llévela a la oficina de su parroquia antes del 2 de junio. La usaremos para decorar la iglesia.

“33 días para la gloria de la mañana” Ore en casa. Folletos en las entradas principales de la iglesia. Si necesita una copia en español, comuníquese con Pilar Hernandez.


MUY IMPORTANTE: NO FALTE!! es el sábado 5 de junio a las 6:15pm