Monday is Memorial Day.  We commemorate the men and women who died in service to our country.  No country or government is perfect; it is run by human beings.  However, we have received a great blessing in the republic, by which we govern ourselves.  We’re grateful to those who have paid with their lives to preserve our liberty.

There are three noteworthy changes to the Sunday Mass schedule when public Masses resume.  The most urgent need was for a second Sunday Mass in Spanish.  The Mass averaged over 550 people every weekend and maintaining physical distance would simply not be possible.  The second Mass would also be at noon to receive overflow when the church reaches capacity.

  • In order to ensure that both myself and Fr. Mike can be at St. Julie’s at noon, The Mass at St. Peter’s had to move from 11am to 10am.
  • The archdiocese has asked that we disinfect the church and restroom between each Mass, so it is easier to only celebrate one Mass each day if possible.
  • Because of this and because the obligation has been waived, there will be no 8am Mass at St. Peter’s.
  • A third change is that the Saturday afternoon Mass will be 4:30pm at St. Peter’s instead of being 4pm at St. Julie’s.
  • You will receive a mail and e-mail with more detailed information. (If you do not receive an e-mail before the letter arrives in the mail, consider sending an e-mail to the parish office so it can be added to our contact information for you.)

The Good Shepherd feeds his sheep.  I am very happy that the archbishop is permitting you to again feed on Jesus’s Body and Blood in Holy Communion.



Lunes celebramos el Dia de Memoria en el país de los Estados Unidos.  Recordamos los hombres y las mujeres que murieron mientras sirviendo el país.  Ningún gobierno sea perfecto; los líderes son seres humanos.  Aunque así, recibimos una bendición en esta república.  ¡Hubiera que invite más a hacerse ciudadanos!

Misas públicas empiezan el 25 de mayo.  Ofreceremos dos Misas los Domingos (11:45am y 12pm) para permitir distancia entre los fieles.  También celebramos una Misa en español a las 7:30 por la noche todos los lunes y todos los viernes, empezando 29 de mayo.  Busca más información en Facebook, en el correo, y en el correo electrónico.  El Buen Pastor alimenta a sus ovejas.  ¡Me pone feliz que el arzobispo permite de nuevo que los fieles se acerquen al Cuerpo y la Sangre de Jesús en el Santísimo!