I am wishing you and your families a happy Thanksgiving – filled with turkey and dressing, pumpkin pie, (and back yard football)!  Mass at 9am at St. Peter in Chains can be part of your Thanksgiving to God.  Also, know that you are invited to attend a Community Meal from 12-2pm on Thanksgiving Day at Zion Lutheran Church.

It is a day to give thanks.  A simple way that I encourage engaged couples to pray together is to call on God to begin their prayer, each shares one thing he or she is thankful for and one thing he wants to ask God for, then they pray together the Our Father.  (Sometimes it’s more than one thing.)  I do this with engaged couples, but I expect that children would be excellent at it in a family setting.  Please join me in prayer as I give thanks this past year for my mom’s husband (after being a widow for years).  I am thankful for those who provide counsel – the members of parish pastoral councils and the pastoral region committee – and I am thankful for Fr. Mike, Fr. Richmond, Fr. Jim Elsbernd, and Deacon Jeff who assist me.  (Did I say there can be more than one thing?)  I ask God to keep our kids safe – in our schools, in our Sunday morning PREP, in all things.  I want Him to teach us more to take time for one another.  More than anything, I want people to love Jesus, and to love Him in the Eucharist.  Our Father…

This Tuesday is the third Tuesday of the month, and we will have the holy hour for vocations at St. Julie Billiart from 7-8pm.

May God bless you wherever you find yourself on Thanksgiving Day!