Today we celebrate Christ the King of the Universe.  Yet in our readings this weekend we do not see the majestic palace, the splendid fashions, and the court of flatterers and admirers.  Rather we see a shepherd.  There are other passages that will direct us to the glory of God.  But this weekend as we recognize his kingship, we turn our attention to what he does.  This King, Jesus, takes care of his people.  We need him now as much as ever.  We need his example of using authority well.  Jesus is not in his position for pride, nor out of fear.  Rather, he brings a kingdom of truth and life, a kingdom of holiness and grace, a kingdom of justice, love, and peace.

On Monday I received word that my grandma, who is 90 and in a nursing home tested positive for COVID.  Yes, we are concerned and praying.  As I write this, I do not know what will have come by this weekend.

Thursday is Thanksgiving Day.  I expect that for many of you, it will look quite different this year.  Even so, give yourself time with family, perhaps only immediate family.  Give yourself time to think what is one positive change you want to make: for work-life balance, for giving your best and not something less, or for reminding others that they matter to you.  What a gift to have a day for giving thanks!  Gratitude is an important part of prayer.  It changes how we view our circumstance and opens us up to see who God is and opens us to stepping up when an opportunity presents itself.

Thanksgiving Day Mass for our pastoral region will be 9am at St. Peter in Chains.

St. Joseph’s pastoral council will meet on Monday of this week.

Jesus Christ is our hope,

Fr. Rob