This is my last full week before I leave for my language immersion in Mexico!  I can’t believe the time is here!

This weekend I am preaching about the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, Portugal on October 13, 1917.  Because of the way text books are written, we often forget Divine Providence is woven all throughout human history.  God does not abandon his people!  There are simply times and places when humans darken their hearts to God, whether intentionally or not.  The remarkable events of Fatima (and Lepanto October 7, 1571 and above all the Anunciation c. 1 BC), show that God wills for his Blessed Mother to play an important role.

How do we dispose ourselves to Mary’s guidance?  How do we learn from her Immaculate Heart the secrets of intimacy with Jesus?  How do we gain the benefit of her protection and favor with her son, Jesus?

Learn from Fr. Michael Gaitley and learn with your fellow Christians using 33 Days to Morning Glory.  The preparation begins on November 4 and culminates with a 20 minute ceremony of consecration on Sunday, December 8 – the date for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  You can receive the book for free at any Mass in the pastoral region the weekend of October 26-27.  To go deeper you can choose to purchase an accompanying prayer journal and join one of several discussion groups that will meet once a week for six weeks.  Allow Mary to make you into a beautiful gift to her son, Jesus!

I am looking forward to another evening of Praise and Worship and Adoration at St. Peter’s church on Wednesday, October 23.  It is a great time to give your cares over to the Lord and lift your heart to him.  Maybe I will see you there.