Today is a happy day for Latin America:  Father Oscar Romero will be canonized by Pope Francis.  Father Romero served as bishop of El Salvador during turbulent and difficult years.  He had a true heart for his people.  He is being celebrated as a martyr.  What a blessing to have another Saint from the Americas!

The Word of God is living and effective! as we hear in our second reading.  Every great story from The Odyssey to Shakespeare to The Outsiders to Harry Potter helps us to understand our human experience.  The Word of God has the advantage of being created by the Holy Spirit, created by God who made us and all that is.  In it is found wisdom.  The Word of God shows us a world created by God as something good.  Yet it is a world that has been broken or fallen by sin.  By redemption in the messiah, Jesus Christ, it is a world that is not abandoned by God – and He has called us to live for him and with him, sharing in his work of salvation.

Next Sunday there will be a scavenger hunt to kick off high school youth group.  We begin at St. Peter in Chains at 6pm then follow where the clues lead.  Junior high ministry begins the following Sunday.

In preparation for a shared pastor the pastoral region committee was meeting 2014-2017 to anticipate some things that would arise from sharing a pastor.  After one year as pastor of all three parishes of the region, I have asked the pastoral region committee to begin meeting again.  I am thankful for their help and the others who are working together in our pastoral region.

What a joy to serve the good God.