In the Gospel we hear, “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and to God what belongs to God.”  God is worthy of praise as our Creator; without Him we would not exist.  He is worthy of praise as our Redeemer, without whom we would be dead in our sins.  While nothing compares to the Holy Mass, consider joining us on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week to honor our Lord.  The Tuesday night Holy Hour is at St. Julie’s this week.  Sacramental confession is also available during that time, and it is a time of silent prayer.  On Wednesday we host Ignite! Night at St. Peter in Chains.  We will have an hour of upbeat praise music as well as exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

Fatherhood is critical – whether the Fatherhood of God or fatherhood in the home.  Fathers, we need you.  Thank you for loving your wife and your children.  On Thursday I will attend a luncheon sponsored in part by Pathway to Hope, our local crisis pregnancy center, as part of their fatherhood initiative.  Anthony Munoz, an all-pro lineman with the Cincinnati Bengals, will be the featured guest.

This week the iVoteCatholic looks to inform us about Rights and Responsibilities.  I intend to post a video to the St. Julie Billiart Parish YouTube channel to speak about the foundation of rights.  The language of human rights has become commonplace.  Unfortunately, so much so, that people use the same words without meaning the same thing (false equivocation).  If we are going to be salt and light, we need to know what we mean when we speak of God-given rights.

The seasons continue to change…my it is beautiful to see the leaves this time of year!  How great the works that our Creator has made.

In Christ,

Fr. Rob