I leave on Thursday of this week to begin my language immersion studies in Mexico.  I will be attending language classes in Puerto Escondido.  I will be back on December 17 and will celebrated some of the Masses in the region for the fourth Sunday of Advent and for Christmas before returning to Mexico.  Fr. Mike Pucke will be the parochial administrator.  He will provide the sacrament of the sick and celebrate funerals with the assistance of Fr. Richmond.  Please pray for me during my studies.  I will also pray for you.

Next weekend the CLAY apostolate will be present at all Masses to make available the book 33 Days to Morning Glory.  A lay apostolate is a group of lay Catholics who are united and work together for a common mission.  CLAY (Our Lady’s Lay Apostolate) has the mission of promoting growth in holiness through total consecration.  That is why they make the books available at no cost; although, donations are accepted.  I hope you will participate in this effort across the three parishes of our pastoral region.  Please join one of the discussion groups that will be offered.  See next week’s bulletin for times and places.

This week I meet with the finance committees of St. Julie and St. Peter one last time before I leave for four months.

Tonight the junior high youth group will learn about the “source and summit of the Christian life.”  I am very thankful to the team of volunteers that assist with our youth ministry.  I am also excited that soon the plaster wall will be repaired and our youth will have their own youth room!  They will end the night with prayer before Jesus in the tabernacle.  On Wednesday night St. Peter’s church is hosting its third night of praise and worship from 6:30-8pm.  Come lay aside your burdens before the Lord for a time.

What a joy to know, love and serve the good God.

In Christ,

Fr. Rob