When the apostles first spoke of Jesus, it changed everything. Consider that they were just twelve men.  To embrace Christianity one risked losing their property (it was illegal) or even their lives in the worst of times.  Yet Christianity grew.  There was something compelling about their message, and their message was Jesus.

The summary of who Jesus was and what he accomplished is called the kerygma. It is a very basic statement of belief.  The first apostles were missionaries, men who traveled and proclaimed the Good News of Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God.  I invite you to hear the kerygma proclaimed by the missionaries of the Neocatechumenale Way on Wednesday of this week and Monday of next week.

Students at St. Joseph will be trained this week help as servers and as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. Consider if you would like to assist during liturgy as a lector, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, choir member, usher, or Mass captain/sacristan.  Perhaps you assisted before the Mass times changed and would like to become familiar with the ministry where you currently attend.

 We are nearing All Saints’ Day (November 1). Did you know that full-length movies for many Saints are available for free through FORMED?  Who will you or your children learn about this week or next? 

In Christ,

Fr. Rob