The Solemnity of All Saints’ Day is this Thursday.  See inside for Mass schedule.  When we forget that we were made for heaven we sell ourselves short; we are not able to see our full value and dignity – in ourselves or in others.  Friday is All Souls’ Day when we remember the poor souls in purgatory.  There will be memorial Masses for the members of each parish who have died this past year: This weekend the 10:30am Mass at St. Joseph, both Masses next week at St. Peter, Friday All Souls’ Day, 7pm at St. Julie’s.  The Catholic tradition holds the entire month of November as a time to reflect on eternity and to pray for the dead.  To promote prayer for the deceased, the Vicar of Christ on earth grants an indulgence (for the deceased person, up to once each day) November 2-8 to anyone who visits a cemetery to pray for a deceased person(s) during that first week following All Souls’ Day.

You learn something new every day…  I recently learned that there are many hunting societies in Europe under the patronage of St. Hubertus whose feast day is November 3.  Associated with these societies are “hunting horns.”  On account of Europe’s rich Christian history, these horns would even play at Mass on the feast day.  Celebrating St. Joseph’s German heritage, a horn group from Germany will play at the 5:15 Mass next Saturday.  Since St. Hubertus is the patron Saint of hunters, there will also be a blessing for hunters given at that Mass.

God has called us to be prudent stewards of the gifts entrusted to us.  I am looking ahead to identify and allocate the resources within our Catholic community in Hamilton.  As pastor, as parishes within a pastoral region we invite others to help us plan as well.  To that end, the Pastoral Region committee met this past Tuesday.  The archdiocese has assisted St. Peter School in a strategic planning process.  I will receive updates on Monday.

What a joy to know, love, and serve the good God.