This weekend is Respect Life Sunday.  It is the first and foundational principle of Catholic Social Teaching; without it, none of the others make sense.  It is an expression of being made in God’s image.  That is why a society that more and more pushes God out, will welcome in – or become indifferent to – abortion, euthanasia, human trafficking, and other affronts to the most basic right to life.  A secular humanism, while having some merit, will only ever go so far.  Our faith calls us to work for the integral development of the human person, body and soul…beginning with the right to life.  I am thankful to Right to Life, 40 Days for Life, Pathway to Hope, and the other ways members of our region stand up for life.  The Life Chain in Hamilton is this Sunday afternoon at 2pm.

Next Saturday, October 12, is the Fatima Rosary Rally at noon at St. Julie’s side lot.  When Mary appeared at Fatima, she asked the children and communities and families throughout the world to pray the Rosary for peace.  That need is still as urgent as ever!  Come for the Rosary and stay for the Pumpkin Festival.

The bus trip to the basilica shrine to Our Lady of Consolation in Carey, Ohio has been cancelled.  It had been planned for Wednesday, October 16.  We will plan a bus trip pilgrimage in the spring to a destination that is not as far away.  I want you to be able to be inspired by people of faith who have gone before us and the patrimony their faith has for their children.

On Tuesday evening of this week will be the last pastoral council meeting before I leave for my language immersion in Mexico.  All three councils will meet together at the Fenmont at 7pm to ensure good continuity while Fr. Mike Pucke is the Parochial Administrator in the four months of my absence.