I hope you have enjoyed time with family this weekend.  Tomorrow we celebrate Labor Day.  Mass will be celebrated at St. Peter’s at 9am.

I have been seeing a second bloom for two weeks now on flowers at St. Peter’s and St. Julie’s.  It is beautiful.  How wonderful is our Creator!  I give thanks, also, to the Gardening Angels who donate their time to bless us with beauty.

We are organizing a one-day pilgrimage to the Basilica Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation in Carey, Ohio.  I hope you consider joining us to see this site of past healings, of a beautiful sanctuary in honor of our Lady, and to make your own prayers for healing.  The day will be Wednesday, October 16.  See inside for more information.

This weekend we marked the anniversary of the rededication of St. Julie Billiart church on August 31st, 1992 after the fire.  With the original altar burned or removed and a new one installed a new dedication was required.  It is an image of the Church in every age following the model of its head and Bridegroom, Jesus, who died and rose again.

Even more important than the stones of the building are the living stones, baptized followers of Jesus, who make up the Temple of God the Body of Christ.  The Church has celebrated Mass in many different places during her life on earth: some grand, some small and simple, around a military vehicle when away from base, hidden catacombs in her first days.  What was constant, though is faith expressed through love – living stones.  See inside.

This year’s youth ministry kick-off for high school students on September 15 and for junior high students on September 22.

It is hard for me to believe that in less than two months I will be away to begin my language immersion.  In my interactions with Hispanics, it is clear that I need more experience with the Spanish language to fully minister to them.  I am thankful to Fr. Mike Pucke for recommending this and giving me this opportunity.

What a joy to know, love, and serve the good God!

In Christ,

Fr. Rob



Living Stones

This weekend at St. Julie Billiart we celebrate the anniversary of the church’s rededication.  Yes, we celebrate the physical stones that make the physical building as a sign of God’s presence in our midst.  More importantly, we reflect and celebrate the living stones that make God present to those in need of His mercy.  Without your discipleship, something is missing in the Church’s mission – like a building without enough stones to finish.  (Be built up as living stones into God’s temple.)  Next week we begin to feature ministry opportunities in our pastoral region.